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Shalabh is an example of an uncommon life and prestigious achievements which any common man can relate to. Coming from a modest family, his father was a teacher in a Government school and later on he retired as a Principal and an elder brother who is well-known Satirists, Shalabh got a very simple and learned atmosphere at home and this probably left a profound impact in his personality which can be seen in his simple nature.

He is an example of an educated thoughtful young mind on fire to contribute something to society. So it was only natural for him to take a career which impact not thousands but millions of people, and he found this in Journalism. Right after completing Post Graduation in Mathematics in 1998 he joined Dainik Jagran as a Journalist and thus began a story of this fierce and uncommon Journalist. Believing on his instincts he worked on to climb the leader of success in the career. After working with Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala, Shalabh joined Channel 7(later IBN7 and now News18 India) as Bureau Head in Bihar.

After a successful tenure in Bihar he was given responsibility of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand as Bureau Chief and Senior Editor of IBN7 (now News18 India). His journalism in Uttar Pradesh was a mile-stone in his career and a contribution to Media as well. He set up an example for young Journalists. One of the two most prominent examples of his fearless nature is Dr. Sachan murder case for which the Government tried to suppress his voice and he was arrested. But here his popularity among his colleagues and fellow journalists can be witnessed as all the prominent media people came together to stand against Shalabh’s arrest and he was released and all the false charges were dropped against him.

Another example where Shalabh displayed his commitment towards his career was uncovering the truth of NRHM Scam. Shalabh along with his close friend and colleague Manoj Rajan Tripathi, worked smartly and fearless manner to bring the truth to the people.By now Shalabhmani Tripathi had become a very well-known name. He achieved almost everything from journalism as a career as anyone aspires. But very unlikely Shalabh’s aspirations was about to take turn. The decisive point was the 2014 Loksabha Elections when BJP for the first time was contesting elections under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi, who become a synonym for development, progressive thinking and man of action. BJP won an overwhelming majority, a mandate which was not seen in recent politics of India. Modi’s commitment towards the development and transformation of country created an atmosphere where politicians have a pro-development power in center. Looking this as an opportunity to work for the people of country with BJP committed under the vision of Mr.Modi, Shalabh decided to join the politics as social and moral responsibility.

Answering to his inner calling Shalabh resigned from News18 India, and a new journey began. In December 2016he joined BJP. With all the success of the past we can only wonder what this new born leader has to offer, and what new heights Shalabh will scale. He is resolute to leave no stones unturned to deliver his promises to his fellow countrymen. Recognizing his abilities BJP made him State Spokesperson in January of 2017.

Shalabh’s ordinary beginning and successful career and achievements are testimony to the fact that being faithful to your duties and profession is fulfilling. All that can be hoped is that Shalabh will continue to surprise us and will be a relentless agent of change and Development of our State and Country. He has proven himself to be someone to count on!


The India of tomorrow is looking at empowerment, faster connectivity, more jobs, better education and improved quality of life. The Good Governance model of Shri Narendra Modi, enrapturedly referred to as #ModiMantra encompasses these broad themes into simple takeaways which have the potential of transforming India in the near future. Mission of Mr. Shalabhmani Tripathi is to contribute to the mission of Developed India by starting diligently in politics to develop our Uttar Pradesh with team BJP.


Politics and Vision: Shalabhmani Tripathi is inspired by Shri Narendra Modi's Vision for the India of tomorrow which resonates with the BJP's philosophy of "Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas". The comprehensive vision laid out by Shri Modi builds on the heritage of India's rich social and cultural diversity, its tradition, the strength of our human resource and the aspirations of the youth and women. The concept of Brand India encapsulates all the sectors that have the potential to make India a global power. The five-Ts of Brand India are Talent, Trade, Tradition, Tourism and Technology.


To create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign and makes policy decisions based on the will of the majority. We will build democracy through activism and education and change the law to ensure that political processes are controlled by citizens. Volunteers is the backbone of our movement. Shalabhmani is resolute in working with the people on the grass root level. This will broaden our understanding of the problems faced by common man. We believe that our mission calls for non-traditional approaches, and we call for every citizen to participate in upcoming elections.

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    print media journalism

    1998 Worked as junior reporter in Dainik Jagran.
    2001 Worked as senior reporter in Amar Ujala.
    2004 Worked as Chief crime reporter in Dainik Jagran.

  • education

    1996 Graduated from B. Sc.
    1998 Post Graduated from M. Sc. Mathematics

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    joined B.J.P.

    2016 Left IBN 7 (News 18 India) as Sr. Editor
    2017 Joined B.J.P. as spokesperson. U.P.

  • electronic media journalism

    2005 Worked as bureau head in Channel 7
    2006 Worked as bureau chief in IBN 7 Bihar
    2007 Worked as bureau head U.P. & U.K.

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